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Baby Blues Connection

Our Mission...
The Mission of Baby Blues Connection is to provide support, information and resources to women and families coping with pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders and to the professionals who serve them.

Our Purpose…
BBC exists to support and educate all women and families at risk for postpartum and antepartum depression and anxiety. Our 24-hour warm line is the first step. We offer mom-to-mom and dad-to-dad support groups made up of women and men who have been through perinatal depression and anxiety themselves. This unique model allows new members to identify with others in various stages of recovery and treatment. Our support groups are strengthened as each member contributes to its existence and continuation. We provide information about the latest research and treatment of perinatal mood disorders to members and professionals alike. A current referral list of specialists in our area is available upon request.

Our Goal…
As mothers and fathers who have experienced perinatal mood disorders, we are keenly aware of the lack of information and support available. Baby Blues Connection stands for this possibility…Parents will feel heard, acknowledged and supported, and will have informed resources to turn to, so that postpartum distress is lessened or eliminated and parents do not feel alone or afraid.
Baby Blues Connection
PO Box 33128
Portland, Oregon 97292
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