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Lauren Renee Photography

Lauren Renee Photography
Lauren Renee Photography will be raffle in off a photo shoot at a local location. A one hour shoot for anyone you choose.

April 9th, around 12 am, a fire broke out in Connelly, NY. The home my father in-law, George Smith, resided for the past few years. The fire broke out in the attic, due to an electrical issue. The house is not in living conditions now and he needs to find a new apartment as well as new furnishings, clothing, food for him and his adorable cat buddy and many other household items. George was able to grab a few of his belongings and medications as he was evacuating but unfortunately many of his items are ruined due to water and smoke damage. We are reaching out to the community in hopes that we can reach this goal to help George begin again, with a little comfort and ease
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