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Action NC

Action NC is a grassroots community organization that empowers low to moderate-income communities to take action and win victories on issues of concern to our members. Our priorities include: better housing conditions for tenants, living wages for low-wage workers, affordable health care, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, comprehensive immigration reform, and better public schools. We achieve these goals by building community organizations that have the power to win changes -- through community direct action, negotiation, legislation, and voter participation.

Issues important to our members include:

- Immigrant Rights
- Rights of seniors
- Workers’ Rights
- Healthcare
- Equality for women
- Better schools
- Environmental Justice

Issues come straight from the membership, because Action NC believes that social change comes from the bottom up. Members are black, white, and Latino families who take ownership of their issues, by organizing their own communities to take action and are active in running the organization, not just contributors or newsletter readers.
Action NC
5500 Executive Center Dr; Suite 234
Charlotte, North Carolina 28212
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Hector M Vaca Jr, Main Contact
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Hector M Vaca Jr
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