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Cindy ' s Tuition

Cindy ' s Tuition
Currently I´m in the Youth Major at CFNI as my last year, learning about youth ministry and being trained to walk out the destiny laid on my life and equipped to impact the next Generation, establish their identity as son & daughters and to live burning for God.
As well as involved in a ministry Called Moral Issues which educates and teaches us about the different moral issues we face in our generation and teaches us how to deal with them as the body of Christ; and I do also have the opportunity to work alongside with the women’s ministry. Since I’m in CFNI I been having the opportunity to ministry on Mexico over different churches, preaching the word of God, equipping leader’s team about the reality of pornography and all kind of issues that we are facing right now in our generation. This is what I feel passionate about and where God is directing me to work on.
Upon graduating from CFNI I intend to go back to my country and keep ministering the youth in there, with all the tools I've learned about ministry, women´s ministry, generational trends and moral issues.
I know He is Faithful to Complete the work He has begun and with your support you will allow me to finish my training here at CFNI.
Thank you so much for reading and supporting me. I pray the LORD our God blesses all your works and everything you do. Deuteronomy 15:10
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