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Da Terra Brasil Foundation

Da Terra Brasil Foundation
The Da Terra Brasil Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to raise funds to help with social projects in Brasil - www.daterrabrasil.org.
We have been very touched by the Brazilian campaign "Let's take Yuri Home" and we're counting on you for your help.
Yuri was born with Muscular Spinal Athrophy and he will never be cured. He has been living in a hospital in Brasil for two years now, because his parents cannot afford the 15.000 dollar respirator that would help him live a more comfortable life.
The generous and dedicated volunteers in charge of the campaign in Brazil have done wonders to help make his parent's wishes come true, to be half-way there to take their baby home. Can you imagine having to go to visit your child at a hospital every day and having to leave him to sleep alone at night? Well ... we can't!
Now it's our turn, Brazilians in America, to help out.
Our goal is to reach $15.000 to buy the respirator ASAP and hvae a chance to win Marinna Lisita's beautiful artwork. The drawing will be done during a cocktail reception at the Bubble Lounge in June-- date and time to be confirmed.
Raffle River has helped Da Terra Brasil Foundation raise $1,801 and host 1 raffle.
$1,801 raised
Maria Moraes, Main Contact
Team Members
Arilda Costa
Maria Moraes
Marinna Lisita
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