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Joshua Rose Foundation

Joshua Rose Foundation
We are a faith-based support network for children and families dealing with Family Court issues (child custody,visitation, denial of contact, etc). We also work with Non-Custodial Parents to help them maintain their relationships with their children as they are no longer the parent with primary physical custody (day to day interaction)

A Privately Funded International Community Support Network in East TX w/ worldwide ties started in honor of the founder's children who are now victims, by the hands of the same person- her own mother, who kept the founder from her father for ten years

We also provide support and education to extended family members to help them also deal with the painful situations that they see their loved ones going through yet feel helpless to do anything about. Sometimes just becoming educated helps you to become empowered to help them with their situations better.

Founder, Julia Greer Moreno is also able to provide insight,suggestions and recommendations for re-unification support for those individuals who are seeking to restore/rebuild their relationship with a loved one they have been kept from. Julia was successfully re-united with her father after being kept from him from the ages of 9-19. Due to other circumstances, they were finally able to celebrate their first holidays together in 32 years during Christmas Holidays in December 2008

Our goal is to educate and empower families, teaching them how to live "Separate but not broken", embracing the Ohana Spirit so that "Nobody Gets Left Behind"

Please support our organization so we can start helping families as needed to stay connected by many different means. Raising funds will enable us to help those in need with phone cards, internet and establishing our own "internet cafe" for parents needing a way to communicate with loved ones in a safe yet untraceable location for those escaping domestic abuse situations.
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