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Warrior Scuba Project

Warrior Scuba Project
Warrior Scuba Project, an IRS recognized 501(c)3, was forged by a group of veterans in 2011. What began as an adaptive sports program quickly took on the look of a “health and wellness” program once the scope of the demand became apparent. Currently the Warrior Scuba Project is adjusting fire again. We realized that in order to truly support the Warrior Diver and family we needed to fill out the ranks. We needed to identify and employ veterans and family with special skills; from instructors to food service specialist and more than 40 careers in between. We were going to train and employ veterans to support our internal missions as well as our external partners and clients. We were creating jobs.

After much research, project leadership determined there were no existing organizations with this charter focused on serving veterans through SCUBA. While veteran and SCUBA non-profits do exist, they do not combine military culture, SCUBA, a continuous training cycle and partnering with other veteran organizations to create careers rather than just recreational opportunities. This will help the Warrior Scuba Project expand its reach to more veterans and their families.
Raffle River has helped Warrior Scuba Project raise $19,058 and host 2 raffles.
$19,058 raised
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