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Eddie's Push For Our Veterans

Eddie's Push For Our Veterans
In 2016 I will push my wheelchair from Lompoc, Ca to The War Memorial in Washington DC.. I will be doing this to promote Veteran Awareness.. Did you know that 33 Veterans commit suicide each day? Well my goal is to bring this to light and to lower this number to as close to zero as possible.

In July of 2013 Eddie and his wife Angela attended the Elks National Convention in Reno, Nevada. One speaker spoke on veteran awareness, and how 33 veterans commit suicide each and every day. This tore Eddie apart. His father was a veteran who served in the United States Air Force for 21 years. His father died at the young age of forty from a heart attack. Recently it has come to his attention that his Spina Bifida, and his father’s heart disease was more than likely caused by his father’s exposure to Agent Orange during his deployment during the Vietnam War. Eddie’s stepfather was also in the Air Force and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, therefore Eddie felt he had to help.
Unfortunately Eddie cannot help monetarily, therefore he tried to find another way to help veterans. One day there was a program on television about a man who walked across country to promote his cause. He told himself “Hey maybe I can do that!” During high school Eddie competed in the wheelchair games where he qualified for the national finals in Wheelchair track and field. He was a distance racer and felt if he obtained a racing wheelchair he could push this wheelchair across country to raise veteran awareness.
Eddie is planning to push his wheelchair from his hometown of Lompoc, California to Washington DC to help promote veteran awareness. Each day Eddie plans to plans to push approximately fifty miles until he reaches his final destination. We plan to host a dinner at the end of each day to help promote veteran awareness and raise funds to help the local veterans. All of the funds raised at each dinner will stay in that community for the local veterans programs.
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