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Northwest Great Dane Rescue

Northwest Great Dane Rescue
Northwest Great Dane rescue was established to place loving Great Danes into wonderful caring homes. Dane owners are a special breed of individuals and love the gentle nature of these large animals.

We are individuals that have many combined years of Dane ownership and are strong advocates for the breed. Because our resources are limited, we can't always open the door but we will offer help to those in need in other ways when possible.

Our mission...

At Northwest Great Dane Rescue it is our mission to assist Great Danes that find themselves without a home and family of their own. We will do this by saving one Great Dane at a time and attending to their individual physical, psychological, and behavioral needs. We will commit ourselves to every Great Dane that we have in our program for the rest of its life.

We will only place our Great Danes in stable, loving homes that understand the commitment that a Great Dane is. We will commit to finding a perfect match of Great Dane and owner, and waiting until that match is found to place a dog.

We will be a community resource and advocate for the Great Dane by continuing to educate the public about our breed and its needs. We will help Dane owners who come to us with questions or need help with their Great Dane to keep as many Danes in their current homes as possible.

We will live by the motto: "Saving the life of one Great Dane will not change the world, but surely, for that one Great Dane the world will be changed forever."
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$785 raised
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