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SOAR 4 Veterans

SOAR 4 Veterans
Special Operations Advocacy and Recovery’s mission is to provide all aspects of support to our Special Operations severely wounded, injured and ill veterans and their caregivers and family by eliminating the red tape. This is achieved by providing individual advocates to the Special Operation veterans to help during their lifetime. We have helped several veterans and their families over the last few years. Soar advocates provide support to each individual member in the organizations program to assist as follows:

To provide legal fees directly paid to the attorney or legal advocate for the Special Operation veterans to obtain and keep all DOD, VA, TSGLI, Social Security and other earned benefits for the lifetime of the veteran
To provide medical, mental and respite services not covered by insurance or other organizations for all veterans. Also to spouses and caregivers of registered Special Operation veterans through the VA caregiver program
To provide life long advocacy connecting the Special Operation veterans to services from government, civilian and other benevolent organizations
To provide any services or funding for recovery that the Special Operations veteran is unable to obtain from the government, civilian or other benevolent organizations advocated for through SOAR
To provide family support for Special Operations veterans, spouses and children through recreational therapy opportunities and other services as deemed on a one by one basis
To create a hero wish program specifically for Special Operation Veterans who qualify for our advocacy program to include recreational therapy such as trikes, atvs, small business assistance, etc
To provide yearly grants as needed to any Special Operation service members for the care of their special needs or severely ill child as approved on a case by case basis
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