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Brooklyn's Trip to Kenya

Brooklyn's Trip to Kenya
During this summer's 4-week program in Nunyuki, Kenya I'll be teaching hearing impaired children to better communicate with the community around them. These skills will be a invaluable tool for these children. I hope to give these children a better start in life.

The role that I will be filling while I am there is just one facet of a larger project that ProjectsAbroad has underway there. The project is well received and greatly appreciated. It is important that I participate because i will be one of the few people there with my level of understanding of the challenges the hearing impaired children face with developmental and communication issues.

I look at my time abroad not only as a way to give back, but also as a way to gain a better insight into the world around me. The relationships I'm hoping to achieve with my project colleagues and the children I will be working with will be of great value to me as well as to them. I hope to return with a better understanding of the country I’m volunteering in and the people that I have interacted with there.

I chose to volunteer through this organization because I will be joining a community of volunteers past and present that have lent their time and effort to giving back around the world.

This project is completely volunteer, so I will incur costs for things such as flights, the program fee, and vaccinations. We have planned a lot of fundraising activities, as well as funding through sponsorships, but I am also relying on the help of my friends and family. Even a small amount will get me one step closer to my goal. Thank you in advance for considering any support you can give.
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