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Jedi Masters Walk to End Alzheimers

"Help me everyone you're my only hope."

...............Our raffle works like this..............

Half of your purchase goes directly to the cause and half goes to a pool of money.

$1 - 1 raffle ticket.
$5 - 7 raffle tickets
$10 - 20 raffle tickets!!!
$50 - 120 RAFFLE TICKETS!!!

The more people that donate, the larger the pool. We will be paying 1st (60%), 2nd (30%), and 3rd place (10%), but feel free to donate some of the winnings to help the cause!!

We will guarantee a $100.00 Prize Pool minimum so you're guaranteed to get paid!!!
Jedi Masters Walk to End Alzheimers
2803 W Glen Dr Apt. 24
Falls Church, Virginia 22046
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Jesse Williams
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