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We at CME LLC are in support of the alarming number of Men and Women through out our Nation living their lives behind bar, and because of this support we have a interest in some of the many concerns that exists, one of which is in communication, the inability to stay connect to the outside world continuestly and economically. Which hits directly at the heart of the support needed to create stronger family bonds and foster meaningful community ties. We have an intimate understanding of this communication problem between these incarcerated and their family, friends, and the public in general this must be fixed, and for the reasons stated above, We are here seeking your help today. Out of those 2.2 million individuals confined, a lot of them will be returning home and for the ones that do not have an opportunity to make it out they still needed effectives ways to stay connected easily and affordably, because the cost of this ordeal falls squarely on the shoulders of those of Us out here. We can continue to pay this costly price and shamefully hide our support privately, while Big Corp.,continues to earn billions of dollars, because we may be embarrassed or feel impowered to do anything. This is where you can give some, much needed help, addressing a conduction that's deeply waves into the social order of life. We need your support in bringing into usage, ways to cut or offset these expenses while reestablishing family and community bonds. We have three cord service(s) that we would like to provide but it's been No easy task making this happen thus far but we're committed for the sake of those confined and Us who has to directly or indirectly (by way of taxes paying for Local, State, and Federally funded facilities), footing the bill. I was taught "if there's a Will, there's a way". So I say to you, are you Willing to help? Thank you for your time and any consideration to what I believe to be a worthy cause by purchasing a raffle ticket from site or ticket sellers!
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