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Jones Family Fundraiser

Jones Family Fundraiser
This organization is highly motivated in its intentions to ensuring the wellness and over all development of the Jones names and legacy by building a solid foundation for which to stand on and build from. All to often family's find themselves at a cross road, trying to elevate their situation from one condition/position to another with the hopes of have the means and resourse to achieve this. Only to see how divided or dysfunctional they truly are. Don't take offense to these statements we all have family issues. With that in mind we've decided to do something about this thru cooperatives of all sorts, design by U.S. For Us! This fundraiser being one. "A Family That Can Raise Together Stays Together!". So our goal to is to build an economic platform for which to realize all of our Dreams as a Unit United under One banner, One Creed, One cause and that Love of self PRIDE in self, confidence in ones name and heritage.
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Kenneth Jones, Main Contact
(513) 889-2097
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