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Phyllis Coulbourne Burial Fund

Phyllis Coulbourne Burial Fund
My name is Melinda Rhodes, and my grandmother is Phyllis Coulbourne. She is 95 years old. She suffers from Alzheimer's and Dementia. It goes from one to the other depending on the time of day. Since she is incapable of doing anything for herself (and needs 24hr care), I spend the majority of my time taking care of her. My mom (grandma's daughter) works full time, so responsibility for her care falls on me.

We found out a few years ago that grandma doesn't have life insurance. And due to her age, she is too old to get some. We was able to work out an arrangement with a local funeral home. We pre-planned the funeral arrangements (the cheapest one with cremation instead of traditional burial). The goal is to pay it off with before anything bad happens to my grandmother (that way we won't be completely screwed when she does pass). However, with maintaining an old house (that is constantly falling apart), her increasing medical bills, and increasing cost of care (food and care supplies), we can't seem to save money for the funeral home.

We're asking for your help. All money raised under the Phyllis Coulbourne Burial Fund will go to O'Brien-Sheipe Funeral Home, Inc in Elmont, NY under an account in grandma's name. Thank you.
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