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Adventures in Missions-The World Race

Adventures in Missions-The World Race
The World Race is Adventures’ fastest growing program. While living out of backpack, Racers, typically ages 21-35, experience a variety of adventures on this 11 month, 11 country mission trip. What began as a dream for Adventures’ founder, Seth Barnes, has morphed into a global movement, sending over 100,000 volunteers around the world.

I believe that this is my calling--to take my love for serving, listening, and counseling, and to use it outside of a standard 8:00-5:00 workday. My team will leave in January, and will serve in South Africa, Asia and Central America! My team and I will have the amazing experience of serving in partnership with churches and ministries in local communities across the world to preach the Gospel, help those struggling with AIDS/HIV, bring the light of Christianity to those in dark places, work to stop human trafficking and prostitution, bring love and mentorship to orphans and children, and so much more.

What makes Adventures different from other nonprofit organizations is the way in which its staff invites participants to purposely choose things that are eternal over temporary. Instead of striving for the American Dream, they challenge people to reach for God’s dream – for themselves, their families and their community, Barnes said, and others agree.
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