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Spark Tv

Spark Tv
Spark Tv was created, because we want to fill the world with positive entertainment once again.

Spark Tv is a non-profit on-line TV channel that is dedicated to providing positive content, we are a production company that produces content in-house and we are for hire and we also offer classes that are designed to enrich the lives of people who take them.

Spark Tv’s mission is to change the world around us in two ways.

1.By providing quality, entertaining, uplifting, educational content that will inspire people.

2. By offering low cost or free classes that we believe will help society.

Why moviemaking and life skills classes?

We feel that the more you know, the more you will grow.

Our Life skills classes are designed to teach a person the skills that sometimes aren’t taught at traditional school or by parents.

A few of our Life Skills Classes:
- Balancing your budget and preparing for your future, this includes a brief tutorial on Microsoft Excel.
- Parenting Class from a teachers perspective, discover what your child needs to know in order to effectively learn from their first day in school.

Moviemaking classes:
- Our moviemaking classes are designed to teach a person how to write, produce, direct, shoot and edit content.

Do you want to help?

You can by creating content, sharing content created by and for Spark Tv or by donating your time and or money.

If you don’t know how to create content, SparkTv can teach you how.

Contact us for information http://sparktv.net
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