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Ashley Academy

Ashley Academy is a preschool through 8th grade independent, coeducational, private school that was founded in 1979 to provide a challenging educational program to bright and gifted children. For over thirty years, Ashley Academy has maintained exemplary standards promoting learning in an atmosphere, in which character, responsibility and self-worth are nurtured.
Ashley Academy
1502 Knob Creek Rd
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604
423 929-7888
Raffle River has helped Ashley Academy raise $7,888 and host 1 raffle.
$7,888 raised
Clemons, Annette, Main Contact
423 929-7888
Team Members
Abel, Amber and Scott
Abraham, Shane and Jamie
Abrams, Chelsie
Allen, James and Sara
Azima, Borzou and Laura
Barnett, Brandon and Ashley
Battle, James and Allison
Bearfield, Linda
Beaumont, Eric and Willett, Lori
Brooks, Debra
Caffrey, Matthew (Mateo) and Alicia (Lisa)
Cannon, Christopher and Elizabeth
Clemons, Annette
Cohan, Jerome and Bettina
Cohan, Tina
Conway, Roger and Beverly
Darnell, Emily
Davis, James and Clanin, Alisa
Dosser, Marcia
Durrett, Don and Natesh, Anita
El-Minaoui, Wael and Ibrahim, Lamis
Evans, Thomas and Tracie
Farrouki, Mohamed and Holliday, Kinsey
Ferrell, Lisa
Ford, Mary
... plus 71 more
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