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Discovery - Class 102

Discovery - Class 102
Our DISCOVERY class is a diverse group of people seeking higher purpose and passion through positive change. We know that the answers to life's burning questions are already within each and every one of us, and we seek to uncover them. DISCOVERY training gives us the tools to tear down the walls between ourselves and the successful, peaceful, and joyous lives we so deserve.
Raffle River has helped Discovery - Class 102 raise $29 and host 1 raffle.
$29 raised
Shawntil Bailey, Main Contact
Team Members
Amanda Cropper
Ana Ortiz
April Molina
Ash Arora
Brandie Rackler
Carmen Gonzalez
Cindy Chynoweth
Greg Cook
Jess Nikirk
Jon Irvin
Joseph Hurt
Kelly Nguyen
Kenna Kornel
Kimberly McLaughlan
Laura Lowak
Laura Tocci
Logan Barbiche
Michelle Alderman
Nikki Williams
Patty Martinez
Renee Gilmer
Rocio Guzman
Ruby Pina
Sandra Seecharan
Shawntil Bailey
... plus 3 more
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