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Sentinel Farms ~ Unbound Grace

Sentinel Farms ~ Unbound Grace
Unbound Grace is a non-profit organization that offers all youth the equal opportunity to re-root themselves back into Vermont’s traditional working landscape through taking part in Sentinel Farms Arts, Agricultural & Equestrian Programming.

Sentinel Farms acts as the working educational campus for health and wellness, where youth along with their families /guardians have the opportunity to experience and adopt the action based philosophy of Good Stewardship.

Unbound Grace provides community members with the opportunity to make a sincere and lasting difference in the lives of our community youth through offering the structure needed for mentors to arrive on campus for a specified segment of time and share their gifts, talents and passions with interested and respectful youth during the summer and after school programming. These exchanges of information between caring and non-judgmental adults and youth are beneficial, uplifting and hope filled for all involved.

As youth learn respectful and responsible animal husbandry they also rapidly develop strong, loving and uncomplicated relationships with the family of farm animals which naturally provides a safe forum to develop a their own capacity for compassion and empathy.

Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel Farms Programming focuses on the healthy maturation of the youth involved and straight forwardly assists youth with increasing their communication, coping and self advocacy skills within a consistent and caring community.
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