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Curvy Girl Lingerie / Plus Life TV

Curvy Girl Lingerie is a Plus Size Lingerie and Romance Toy Boutique designed to help Curvy women size 12 and larger to feel sexy and beautiful. We are in the process of creating, producing and filming a t.v. show we are calling Plus Life which will air on cable this Fall.

We are going to film three more episodes of our t.v. show and we are going to be filming our 3rd Anniversary Birthday party on the 24th. Your donations help us to bootstrap this project and to help us keep the diet industry out of our t.v. show.

The beauty of us funding this t.v. show ourselves is that we get to have editing control so that there will be ZERO talk about dieting. ZERO advertisers pushing their diet products. Fat, sexy, thick, curvy, plush women who are celebrating our bodies, our curves, our lives and who are loving, living and not hiding.

We love you for all of your support of Plus Life TV and Curvy Girl

We do need to sell a minimum of 33 tickets to "Tilt" this raffle. If we do not sell 33 tickets or more, we will refund everyone's money.

The raffle drawing is Oct. 26th. This tool "Raffle River" has a Random.org feature which will pick the winner of the raffle for us on Oct 26th so that it is random and fair. Have any questions about our raffle? Give us a call at 408-264-4227 at our boutique. (This raffle is open to all of our U.S. and International customers. We will ship you your goodies any where in the world... as long as we cover our costs and sell 33 or more.)

We will announce the WINNER of the RAFFLE publicly. (We will not use your last name.) But, we like to announce the winners of our raffles so that our customers and followers know that this is a legitimate raffle. We will notify you by email to ask you to choose if you want the iPad or our Lingerie and Romance Deluxe Gift.

It's also AWESOME when our raffle winners can also share that they won on our Facebook Page or Instagram page, too, but not required.


Curvy Girl Lingerie / Plus Life TV
1535 Meridian Ave, Ste 30
San Jose, California 95125
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