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Connor's Furry Therapist Fund

Connor's Furry Therapist Fund
Anyone that has spent any time with our son, Connor, can tell you what an amazingly bright, sweet, funny kid he is. However, many can also attest to the uncontrollable side, the side affected by his Aspergers, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and Dyspraxia. The side that can cause him to have 2+ hour meltdowns, cry, scream, and try to hurt himself. The side that makes it hard for him to make friends, has serious bouts of depression, and tells us he is worthless and wishes he didn’t exist. The side that has sensory overload which makes him shut down completely. This is the side that, no matter the therapy and medications we have him on, we can’t do anything about, which is the hardest thing as parents to handle. Hence why we started working on raising funds for an Autism Service Dog.
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