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my cat Kyle

my cat Kyle
my cat Kyle is a not-for-profit, internet celebrity feline trying to raise awareness surrounding how domestic violence impacts pets and their families. In his former life, Kyle witnessed a murder - a domestic violence incident that ended fatally.

Did you know more than 70% of battered women reported their abuser threatened, harmed, or killed their pets? Furthermore, nearly 75% of animal cruelty in the home occurs in front of children. Children often intervene to protect their pets from being battered and some even allow allow themselves to be victimized to save their pets from being harmed or killed.

Despite these scary conditions, up to 48% of battered woman delayed leaving their abuser out of fear for their pet's safety. Why is this? It turns out that less than 5% of domestic violence shelters accept pets. And many victims refuse leave their pet behind, even if their pet can be housed at a safe, off-site location.

Kyle wants to keep families together and encourage the establishment of resources these families need to escape their situations and stay safe. Removal of these obstacles may help prevent future domestic violence fatalities like the one Kyle's former mommy suffered. Money raised from this raffle will support URIPALS - New York City's first Initiative to shelter domestic violence survivors with their pets.
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