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Intensity Athletics Team Amp'd Youth

Intensity Athletics Team Amp'd Youth
Intensity Athletics Amp'd Youth is a level 2 competitive cheer team that has won a bid to compete at Summit in Orlando, Florida at the end of April. Summit is to cheerleading like the Olympics are to gymnastics. You can only win an invite at a lower level competition. Our team won this honor a few weeks ago in Arizona. As you can imagine they are all so very excited and now have extra practices to make themselves and their team that much better to compete with the best of the best. It is quite an expense to take these athletes along with their coaches all the way to Orlando for 4-5 days. So our team is Doing some fundraising. Purchase a raffle ticket to help support an athlete on this team. Thank you for your support.
Raffle River has helped Intensity Athletics Team Amp'd Youth raise $3,667 and host 3 raffles.
$3,667 raised
Amanda Perron, Main Contact
Team Members
Alison Pellegrin
Amanda Perron
Amber Dear
April Comerford
Ariana Slater
Chris Farah
Dana Sandercock
Dana Stoeckel
Isabell Bach
Jamie Andersen
Kaden and Stella Olson
Kate Isbell
kaylee Berresford
Liz Hillhouse
Makayla (Pips) Barney
Makenna Simon
Monty Donovan
Richard Perron
Rochelle Harford
Sandy Perron
Shayla Gray
Somer Campbell
Tiki & Boston Dandan
Trina McCannon
Yvonne Ruiz
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