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The vision of US vs. Poverty was established as a Non-profit organization in 2014 by a group of 4 strong willed and passionate individuals who wanted to build a foundation with activities and support services that would cater to the specific needs of individuals that are in poverty. The organization addresses the financial, economical, agricultural, social, recreational, environmental and logistical needs in the state of Michigan.

Our mission is to educate the public about what the real definition of poverty is because its all around us, it could be your family, your neighbor, or you! When you think poverty does an image of the homeless and hungry pop into your head? The reality is yes of course it does but we also do not see that most of the general population is considered in poverty. If you live paycheck to paycheck, if you struggle keeping up with your bills or feeding your family, you are considered living in poverty. Now when you hear poverty do you have a new outlook on how important it is to get involved and help those in need and that are going through the crisis of poverty?

Our goal is to improve and obtain a financial driven, independent lifestyle and to maximize the quality of life to each and every individual we reach out to.
We are conscious of the demographics that poverty causes in our service area and adapting our center to meet the emerging needs here in Michigan and are committed to growing nationwide. The name of our organization is not only what we stand for but is also the name of the project which institute programs that revolves around the project itself. Project US v.s Poverty programs will provide comprehensive access to education, financial aid, financial education, Mentoring, and rehabilitation to the anyone in the communities served by our organization as well as campaigns to raise awareness and give back with hands of volunteers to feed and cloth the community around us.
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