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Win GCR Coins

Win GCR Coins
I am a Global Coin Reserve private member and coin holder. I would like give other people a chance to win GCR coins by purchasing Raffle Tickets for a 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th division prize. 100% of all raffle ticket proceeds will be used to purchase GCR coins from the exchange and awarded to the 5 division prize winners.. Good Luck !
Raffles will be run on a monthly basis ending on the last day of each month.. Prizes will be drawn and awarded within 7 days of completion. Raffles are 100% non profit and operated at not cost to ticket purchasers. 100% of funds raised are used to purchase GCR coins directly off the exchange. Tickets must be purchased with Bitcoin and purchased through the GCR Coin Raffle Facebook Page.
Raffle River has helped Win GCR Coins raise $220 and host 1 raffle.
$220 raised
Daniel Spiteri, Main Contact
Team Members
Daniel Spiteri
Kelly Ann
Michael Bailey
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