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UWEC Clarinet Studio

UWEC Clarinet Studio
The UWEC Clarinet Studio is comprised of 24 members, plus our amazing professor, Dr. Melissa Koprowski.

Our goals in fundraising, now that we are a university organization: to raise money to bring in amazing and inspiring guest artists, be able to continue hosting UWEC Clarinet Day each spring, and to be able to travel to events, such as Clarinet Fest, to listen to and learn from countless amazing clarinetists.
Raffle River has helped UWEC Clarinet Studio raise $446 and host 1 raffle.
$446 raised
Sarah DiPiazza, Main Contact
Team Members
Alec Mason
Alex Exworthy
Alisa Polzin
Anders Nelson
Andi Bakkala
Andy Ludewig
Angie Coyle
Becca Wickler
Briana Buchholtz
Dr. Koprowski
Elizabeth Schill
Gloria Dorschner
Hunter Nicholson
James Li
Lena Lambrigtsen
Lexy Henkelman
Madeline O'malley
Miranda Anderson
Sarah DiPiazza
Tim Frederick
Trevor Kent
Zach Bartsch
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