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Divine Wellness

Divine Wellness
For the holiday season Divine Wellness has chosen to raffle off prizes with all the proceeds being donated to several worthy causes. As a wellness center & mobile yoga studio that aims to teach individuals about true healing from the inside out. We specialize in enlightening, empowering and engaging individuals on their own journey of finding divine health & wellness. We believe everyone deserves the same level of healing and align ourselves with organizations like these:

Greenwood Charter School - a holistic elementary school in Ogden, UT whose mission is to provide a quality holistic education to all students by providing opportunities for them to be active, knowledgeable, creative, and conscientious individuals. GreenWood inspires a healthy balance in life through healthy eating habits, exercise, personal discovery, service learning, and environmental stewardship.

Green Tree Yoga - an organization that provides yoga free of charge to thousands of underprivileged youth in various areas. Their MISSION is to bring the healing and strengthening benefits of yoga to people of all ages and abilities, and to those who work with them, in a variety of settings that include schools (K-12), senior centers, veterans' programs, community programs, addiction recovery programs, and shelters.

Operation Underground Railroad - whose mission is to rescue children from sex trafficking and help them on their road to recovery. Often, in fact, nearly always, there are adults who are rescued, along with these children, many of whom were trafficked as children and now know no other way to survive.

Volunteers of America, Utah - is a human services nonprofit organization with more than 150 paid staff who serve more than 10,000 people across the state each year through programs addressing homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence. Thousands of volunteers and partners join with us to accomplish our mission to reach and uplift those in greatest need.
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