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Wildcat Marching Band

Raffle River has helped Wildcat Marching Band raise $2,765 and host 3 raffles.
$2,765 raised
Walt Whitman Marching Band Parent Association, Main Contact
Team Members
Bartolomeo Family/ Nikhil Bartolomeo
Behrens Family/ Andrew Behrens
Bellissimo Family/ Katie Bellissimo
Betts Family/Shayla Betts
Boyce Family/ Bryan Boyce
Breen Family/Sean Breen
Carmine Family/ Kelly Carmine
Charlton Family/ Tim/James
Collins Family/Jimmy Collins
Conlon Family/Sean Conlon
Cook Family/ Scott Cook
Dilillo Family/Emily Dilillo
Doherty Family/ Adam Doherty
Dukes Family/ALex Dukes/Gabrielle Dukes
Emproto Family/ Christopher Emproto
Fallon Family
Flood Family/William Flood
Galvin Family/ Brian Galvin/Robbie Galvin/ Connor Galvin
Garafalo Family/ Matthew Garafalo
Grennan Family/Nicole Grennan
Grey Family/ Gavin Grey
Hustedt Family/ Thomas Hustedt
Kammerling Family/Jessie O'Hagen
Laura Fallon
Mozoon Family/Jonathan Mozoon
... plus 14 more
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