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Scorpions Booster Club

Scorpions Booster Club
Who we are: The Scorpions Booster Club was founded in January of 2014 to support the members of Detachment 1, 8 Space Warning Squadron.

Our mission is to support the morale and welfare of the members of Detachment 1, 8th Space Warning Squadron which is an Air Force Reserve unit stationed at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. In the Air Force Reserve, the members that we support face the unique challenge of serving their country by operating the United States' Space Based Infrared Missile Warning System while maintaining a civilian career. Despite the challenges the men and women of Det 1, 8 SWS face, they countinually sacrifice time with their families or furthering their civilian careers to serve our nation.

What we've done: Last year the Scorpions Booster club spent almost $3,000 in support of our members.
~$2,000 spent on morale events, team building excercises and training excercises to help our members manage the stressors they face.
~$500 spent on the welfare of our members and their families. This includes items sent in care packages to those deployed and care for families at home through the donations of essentials like food and diapers.
~$200 donated to other organizations dedicated to the service of our veterans.

To continue supporting these dedicated heroes we need your help!
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Rolando Marroquin, Main Contact
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