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Family Transcends

Family Transcends
Family Transcends was built on the realization that many trans* kids felt so unsafe in their real-world lives that they took refuge in an online community - one that meant well but was ill-equipped to handle the numbers.

Drawing from a background in youth-based peer-run organizations, Faith Alastair started Family Transcends to be an online recreation center, much like the ones utilized by similar programs in the real world. An all-inclusive place to support transgender youth.

At its center, Family Transcends revolves around the sibling relationships created through it's mentorship program. Big siblings are carefully screened and selected from candidates who understand what trans* youth go through in their daily lives.

Little siblings can interact with their big siblings through the online rec center, or through the various social media "fingers", like the hub on facebook.

Too often trans* youth seek permanent solutions to their lonliness and isolation, Family Transcends aims to give them another outlet.
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