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Gobbler Down Custom Calls Hunt4Heroes

Gobbler Down Custom Calls Hunt4Heroes
We are a Custom Turkey call company, but each year we sponsor a turkey hunt where we take US Military members who have served our country (wounded or not) overseas in support of the war on terror. It is called Hunt4Heroes and this is our 4th year. We use this raffle as our primary fundraiser and 100% goes toward supporting this Hunt4Heroes.event. I am also currently deployed to Iraq, but will hope to be back for the event! My pro Staff at Gobbler Down Custom Calls will handle the management of the event and coordination as well. Thank you and please email with any questions, as I cannot receive phone calls in my current location.
Raffle River has helped Gobbler Down Custom Calls Hunt4Heroes raise $5,165 and host 1 raffle.
$5,165 raised
Michael Sean Calhoun, Main Contact
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Michael Sean Calhoun
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