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Global Justice Project

Global Justice Project
¡HOLA! Hello, my name is Jaylen Ausley. I am a 17 year old student. I originate and currently live in Chicago, Illinois. I attend Gary Comer College Prep, on the Southside of Chicago. I am fundraising for a trip to Costa Rica with my classmates to help rehabilitate endangered and harmed animals. I would like to go on this trip because this will be an eye opener for me. I will be able to experience and see the world outside of the United States for what it really is and not how it is perceived on television. As I watch television, I see commercials of homeless animals and how they urge the viewer to Donate to the cause. Instead of donating money, being a teenager with no job, I would like to donate my time and energy in building homes for animals. As a person in general, I love to work with animals. I currently have taken in a one eyed cat named Oreo. He is strong and healthy because I took him in at a young age when he was left by his mother as a kitten. By allowing me to raise the funds for this trip, I would be able to change my perspective on the world. This will help me broaden my horizon and want to change the world and the surroundings around me. Besides what is seen on television, Costa Rica is a third world country, meaning that it is not as developed as other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. I would like to experience what it is not and not take what I have, in the United States, for granted. I would really appreciate if you could, being a warm-hearted person, donate in helping me reach my goal of $1990. 00 and allow me to go to Costa Rica. Gracias!!!!!
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