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Amazon Gift card Giveaway!

Amazon Gift card Giveaway!
Your donation will save a family!!

Rachel, David and Benjamin are kids of the Miller family, living with their single mother.
Their father who has mental and emotional issues and personality disorders is not in a position to give any child support.

The family is suffering greatly and was now warned that if the rent balance from April 2015 and on isn't paid in full by March 31st, they will have to look for a new home.....

We can't let that happen! Poor family may be losing their house! Help them! Please help them by entering the giveaway.
Your donation goes directly to pay for this family's rent!

disclaimer: we are not responsible for typographical errors. We reserve the right to postpone the drawing date until the goal is met. we appreciate your understanding and thank you for your participation. winner will be notified immediately. No purchase is necessary.
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