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Support Reese Wilson

Support Reese Wilson
Thank you for supporting Reese Wilson and her Mom win their fight against cancer.

Reese Wilson is a young lady from Knoxville, TN who just turned 17 years old. She recently has been diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma as it’s uncommon for this to appear in children. She is undergoing chemotherapy and is taking one step at a time in order to win this fight against cancer.

She attended Carter High School. She loves to read and she loves her dogs. Her mother is a single parent and is helping Reese fight this fight all by herself. Our small group through Faith Promise church has been praying for Reese for the past few months. However, things have taken a turn for the worse as her body is not responding well to the chemo and the doctors fear the cancer could spread. As a result her Mom recently left her job to focus on taking care of her daughter.

Questions regarding this raffle or about Reese can be directed to Bill Herzog at (865)-245-4225.

Your prayers for Reese Wilson are also welcomed and continue to encourage this family.
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$6,153 raised
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