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Team Wattie Ink / Speak Up

Team Wattie Ink / Speak Up
The CKG Memorial Foundation recognizes that there are resources and programs that are currently working to support this area in various broad capacities. While the foundation is in its infancy it has already committed to giving financial support to the Children’s Mental Health Resource Center here in Richmond. The center serves as a “GPS system” with regards to children’s mental health. Find out more here: http://www.mentalhealth4kids.org

Long term, the foundation is actively collaborating with professionals and key school staff to design a model for programs within the schools to facilitate group and individual dialogue concerning teenage depression and anxiety. Building a strong sustainable organization is a priority, as is leveraging its resources to support those who are already doing critical work in the area that Cameron was most passionate about: increasing awareness and support for teens dealing with anxiety and depression.

The foundation’s priority is raising awareness through positive action.
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