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Make School Affordable

Make School Affordable
In January of 2016, We created Make School Affordable, a non-profit aimed at purchasing items such as supplies, clothes, notebooks, and covering book, bus and trip fees for school-age children from families who need help the most. Our unwavering promise is to spend 100% of the money we receive on our mission to help the most needy children be able to attend school without the fear and embarrassment of not being able to afford what is needed.

We have absolutely no overhead, since we have no buildings to maintain, no salaries to pay, no web service to host, and our entire staff is made up of unpaid volunteers who donate their time and effort all in the name of helping others. We don't have a fancy website with all of the bells and whistles, an ad agency budget, or any of the other things that use up unnecessary income. Because of this, we are able to forward 100% of our proceeds directly to needy families. With a combined 70+ years in the education and non-profit worlds, our team has direct contact with many local schools, groups, churches and shelters that are ready and willing to assist us in directly affecting lives, without any large, bureaucratic organization diminishing what families receive.
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