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Here's your chance at being the proud new owner of one of the absolutely coolest items out right now. (estimated market value $579.00 or more, just look on ebay some are up to $1,000). Dubbed "Foxboard" this one of a kind electric skateboard will haul you up to 15 miles at an incredible 20km/h top speed! It has built in Bluetooth to stream your favorite beats, and plenty of led lighting for use during darker periods. Wait, the best part is yet to come. The 'Foxboard' is completely self balancing, achieving this through the use of gyros so no prior experience is necessary, and most people can pick it up very quickly. Drawing will be held at 6:00PM Central Standard time on 4 March, 2016, and the winner will be automatically selected via the system online. I will post the results and also notify the winner by phone/email. 2 weeks to claim prize by notifying me of your shipping address. I will cover shipping up to 30 USD. (should be good for most places)

**No purchase necessary, each customer is entitled to one (1) free entry into give-a-way with a postmarked submission requesting the above. Must be received NLT drawing date.

**WhyteCycles nor any of its affiliates are to be held legally responsible in any way for injuries sustained in part or in whole while using said machine, "foxboard" WhyteCycles strongly reccomends wearing proper safety equipment (helmet, knee/elbow pads) at all times regardless of experience.
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