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The Woodall Foundation

The Woodall Foundation
Our mission is to reach the nations, to love the least of these!

Daniel and Becky Woodall are the founders of the Woodall Foundation, a nonprofit organization in both the United States and Moldova, which is in eastern Europe.
They are camp directors for a Deaf summer camp they founded in Moldova and oversee all functions of the organization. Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as encourage and empower the Deaf in Moldova to make better lives for themselves through Jesus, love and education.

The Deaf camp is only one way The Woodall Foundation reaches the Deaf community. We have expanded to the elderly and needy. Currently, we can provide a weeks worth of groceries to 5 families, once a month for a year! In the summer of 2015, we were able to update an apartment of a single elderly man to livable standards by providing him heat, better electricity, a toilet, a lock on his door and a variety of other needs. We also were able to provide a new mattress for an elderly couple who are bedridden. These are only a few of the opportunities the Lord has given us to serve the needs of the Deaf.
Every month, Deaf youth will be going to these homes and taking care of the various needs they have. Soon we will begin to provide free tea and coffee at the Deaf apartments once a month. We also serve the very young by providing windows in Deaf preschools, as well as bringing diapers and other necessary items!

The list is unending and the need is great. God is good, and he loves each of them and will continue to show us how to serve them better! All of your donations will go directly to these ministries. You can read more about the ministries in the blog below.
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