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Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance
About Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: Founded in 2010, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a nationally recognized nonprofit that was founded and is headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas. SDIA exists to engage, assist and empower the men & women who serve(d) in our nation’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs.” We provide our members and fellow Sheep Dogs with continued service opportunities, and the camaraderie and peer support that may be missing through participation in Disaster Response Missions, Outdoor Adventures and Holiday Outreach programs. SDIA has 17 chapters and teams in 15 states, and more than 5,000 members, volunteers and supporters nationwide. For more information, visit www.SheepDogIA.org.
Raffle River has helped Sheep Dog Impact Assistance raise $3,707 and host 2 raffles.
$3,707 raised
Michael Nimmo, Main Contact
Team Members
Adam Holland
Bob Cepeda
Elisha Modisette
Hanna Ricker
Jason Richardson
Jayme Lingo
Jayne Christensen
Jessica Mesko
Kay Ricker
Lance Nutt
Michael Nimmo
Mitch Weigel
Rose Corscadden
Tim Langley
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