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Brooke Steciak/ Sports Memrobilia Raffle

Brooke Steciak/ Sports Memrobilia Raffle
Brooke was born 11 1/2 weeks premature, on March 4 2010. She was placed in an incubator with a breathing tube. She also had an NG Tube placed through her nose & run down her esophagus and into her stomach which would allow her to take in fluids. Doctors had multiple failed attempts to remove our daughter off her breathing tubes. She was given a tracheostomy so she could be connected to the ventilator which helps her breath. Brooke needs multiple surgeries due to narrowing in her upper airway because she is unable to swallow. After 9 months of being in the hospital, she was finally able to come home. We had skilled nurses that would come to our home to help in caring for Brooke. She needs physical therapy, speech therapy, & occupational therapy once a week to help in her development. Currently she is unable to attend and does therapy with mom because she was dropped from her insurance. We are doing this raffle to assist with the medical expenses for her therapy’s & medical supplies.
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