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HACIUSA is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit organization founded to advance economic,international and intercultural understanding and encourage collaboration among all people of African descent. HACIUSA embraces all people. The organization's vision is to be a global umbrella for all African Groups and to promote, strengthen, empower and unite the African Diaspora. The Fundraising will honor extraordinary individual who contribute to the African Community and Diaspora. Our Goals and Objectives are to Cultivate and nurture a permanent service delivery programs in the areas of Healthcare and Education. To Provide humanitarian assistance to all Africans in Diaspora.Houston.
To Pursue the Opening of the "African International House", Through Annual Flamingo Awards Gala Events.

To promote our rich African Arts and Cultures through Annual Celebration of 'African Festival Events"

To serve as a source in Houston of promoting bilateral international-Commerce trades between Africa and USA..
Raffle River has helped HACIUSA raise $90 and host 1 raffle.
$90 raised
Dr.Gracie. chukwu, Main Contact
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Dr.Gracie. chukwu
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