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Westport Armory & Hunting For Hero's (H4H)

Westport Armory & Hunting For Hero's (H4H)
Hello Patriots, we are Westport Armory and we are a LEO owned and operated custom firearms manufacturer located in Riverside MO. We are partnering with Hunting For Hero's (H4H) an organization that helps and supports injured and disabled police officers get back out to nature through some high tech hunting trips.

Our goal is to raise $4000 for a machine upgrade by raffling an AR-15 to give to a lucky winner AND build a custom light weight 300 Blackout hunting rifle that is propose built for the special requirements Hunting For Hero's members need!

So help us help a very worthy cause and let these officers know that people still care for and support them.

The drawing will close July 3rd 2016. We can't think of a better day to give away AR-15s than the day of our great county's independence, the 4th of July!!
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