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COGUM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded October 14, 2011 by Vincent James. The organization focuses on economic and community development and stabilization throughout the Carolinas.

Our current community, Woodland Park, is an affordable housing community that was in need of repair. To-date, all units are occupied but still in dyer need of repairs.

When the property was acquired in October of 2012, there were a total of 67 single family houses within the portfolio that COGUM purchased. Out of the 67 houses 5 were habitable, and rent was not being paid to the owner/owners or Management Company.

Since October of 2012 a three year plan was implemented:

Year One : Stabilize the community by renovating the remaining 65 houses which 2 burned leaving a total of 65.

Year Two : As we brought on new renovated units it called for a property manager. In 2014 we hired a full time Property Manager giving a more hands on and interaction with tenants and not creating an absentee management that leaves a void within the community. Brought on an assistant construction worker to help in the construction/maintenance as well as Heating and Air Condition repairs.

Year Three : Hired a Community Development Manager to develop community partnerships and engage the Woodland Park community in mind, body and spirit incentives.

To learn more about COGUM visit our website at www.CogumGlobal.org
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