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Analoguetube Ltd

Analoguetube Ltd
Analoguetube makes outstanding no expense spared products, bringing traditional tone, functionality and the natural control of your dynamics back to the studio. Originally launched back in 2008 this stereo edition of the classic Fairchild 670 compressor is now available with new features and options adding more functionality to these super audio classics. The unique features of these gain crushing tube compressors allow all types of instrument and sound to sit *up front* in the mix sounding fatter and bigger bringing the material forward to add depth, dimension and clarity to your music. Both models glue the image together for all types of program, making this natural sounding tube technology an indispensable tool. All models are manufactured using traditional wiring methods, original tubes and transformers with long-lasting, non inductive, close tolerance components for the modern world. With over 80hrs of build time per unit the AT-1 and AT-101 compressors have received many reviews and nominations that have championed this technology and made Analoguetube what it is today.
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