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Taylor's Seizure Dog Travel Expenses Fund

Taylor's Seizure Dog Travel Expenses Fund
Because of amazing kindness and generosity, Taylor has been blessed with being able to get a service dog to help detect her seizures and to help assist her with her mobility needs. Once her dog is trained, we will be required to travel to Xenia, Ohio for two weeks to get trained with her dog. While we are EXTREMELY excited about this life-changing event, it means we must miss work and pay for travel, lodging and food for the entire two weeks. We also know that the dog will need some additional supplies - different harnesses (based on the job it's doing), service animal vests, etc. All of this costs money, and many people told us that had planned on donating to the dog fund, but we were able to secure funding so fast they weren't able to do so yet, so we are reaching out again...

**All funds will be going directly to our family to be used towards costs associated with traveling for training and any additional costs for our daughter's service dog.***
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