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Emperor XXIV Candidate

Emperor XXIV Candidate
My name is Christian Ticey and I am a candidate for Imperial Emperor XXIV of The United Court of Sandias, Inc. The United Court of Sandias, Inc is a non profit organization who raises money for other non profits. This organization has been around for 23 years and each year a new set of leaders are elected by the community to over see the fundraising events. This is my 3rd year running for this position and I will not stop. My heart, soul , and tears are for this organization and my community. Please help me in my journey by purchasing a raffle ticket for this beautifully handmade queen size anti-Bullying afghan. All proceeds go directly back into the community. Winner will be selected and announced on May 22nd 9p. Winner will be notified and shipping is included. Thank you for your time
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