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Sawyer Elementary Fourth Grade Children's Choir

Sawyer Elementary Fourth Grade Children's Choir
Sawyer Elementary is a Chicago Public School on the southwest side of the city. We are the largest elementary school in the state, with over 1,800 students. Our school does not have a formal music teacher for all these students. We are working with the Chicago Children's Choir organization to bring an after school choir program for 4th graders. The program sends a choir director, provides sheet music, a uniform, and has two big all city performances each year. We have about 43 students in the choir!

The Chicago Children's Choir has already started, now we need to fund it. I don't have to tell you how CPS budgets have been cut. We are looking to outside sources. Every ticket sold helps!

Now to pull on your heart strings. The first time we had choir and I saw the look on the students faces when the director started singing to them, they were memorized. I grew up singing in various choirs. Choir has been a huge part of my life that has helped shape who I am today. To see that my students can have that same experience brought tears to my eyes.
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