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Stones and Bones

Stones and Bones
We are an Organization, with the goal of opening the eye of children to the fields of geology and paleontology. The belief is that these studies are a window into the past as well as the future. Studies have shown that kids that are exposed to something early, can be inspired to go into these fields. These fields are well used in Montana in Ag, coal, oil, water and many more. Promoting these fields would allow more of our children to be educated, build a career and family here, in Montana. We use fund from a gem and mineral shop by the same name to fund field trips for kids group to explore find and hold the past, present and future in there hands. The Stones and bones group has a number of future plans, like giving lectures to lower level grades in schools or group settings. these would include Rocks and Bones from around the world and Montana. These would all be free of charge. The end goal would be to open a natural science center in Billings. This would be a location were we house and display specimens of rocks and dinosaur bones and replicas that we will acquire threw future donations and raffles that we will be offering here and in the store location. This center will be a place for classes to be taught, in these fields but also, we will provide equipment for the processes of cutting, polishing and creating jewelry and carvings form gem stone and fossil bone. Educational film, lecture would eventually be offered by well know geologist and paleontologist, which would be free to children and students at all levels. This center would have slabs of rock as a reference wall which will grow threw time to become one off the largest public references of all minerals, rocks and bone samples. There will also be an area for Paleontological bone preparation so that the pubic and get involved with the prep and care of all kinds of meat and plant eating dinos as well as sea creature from the dawn of time. Please see more of our mission statement on facebook. thanks
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