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Mercy's Door Children's Homes

Mercy's Door Children's Homes
Remember to Rest After Every Storm - Mattie Stepanek

Mercy's Door is nestled in Whitfield County at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, near Chattanooga, TN and Fort Mountain State Park. Mercy is a non-profit charitable organization that serves children and families. It is a home where children between the ages of 6 and 18 can feel safe to share their failures and accomplishments with the people around them and rest from the storms of life. We are not to be confused with other child caring institutions. Mercy is a home setting, creating a nurturing family environment for them to heal in heart, grow in character, and experience peace of mind.

We are dedicated to modeling a family environment for the children we serve. A committed couple lives with no more that 6 children to a home, thus creating a smaller environment allowing for individual nurturing and attention. Meals are cooked in the homes to facilitate a family-type atmosphere. The house parents and the children in their home participate in family activities such as daily devotions, regular worship services, after school sports activities, holiday activities, weekend recreational activities and summer vacations.

Our children come from a wide variety of backgrounds and home life. When a child enters through the doors our counseling staff immediately begins to work implementing a service plan geared toward meeting the needs of each child. Our counselors help each child establish achievable goals with a reachable time to accomplish. Our staff of three counselors provides individual, group, and family therapy, helping to identify the negative behavior patterns being exhibited and learn new ways of relating to others. Our counselors partner with the house parents, teachers, and parent or guardian to ensure the plan set in place is consistently being followed.
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